Dog care products at Urban Brat

Mumbai, 11 JAN 2013 – Urban Brat, a Mumbai situated online pet care store is one stop solution for all type of puppy and dog care products. Whether it is grooming products or health care items, or accessories, or even daily essentials and treats Urban Brat has got all the products under one roof for the pet lovers. All the products are from the famous brands and meet the world class quality standards.

As a responsible business Urban Brat thinks that it is there moral duty to provide homes for puppies and dogs. Maybe this is the reason why they encourage adopt first policy rather than buying of the innocent pets. This leads to finding of a home full of love and care for the pet.

Being one of the largest and most popular Online Pet shop in the region all the puppy care products are available under a single roof. The dog grooming products available at Urban Brat have the widest range of choice between different brands and products. The grooming products consist of the body splashes, dog shampoos, deodorants, brushes, hygiene care, bathing accessories, oil and dental care for the dogs and puppies. The veggie and meaty Dog Treats available at Urban Brat are just the best and most sought after dog treats available in the market.

The variety of choice is not only limited to the dog grooming products but there is lot of options available in the toys and accessories as well. The entire Dog Toy is made from highly hygienic materials which are safe for your pets. The dog toys include products like hard toys, rope toys, squeaker toys, latex toys and plush toys also. The pet accessories like charms, collars, harnesses and leashes are available at matchless prices. The deals available at this online pet shop are really amazing with all the quality and value for money you get.

Online pet supplies are also one of the characteristic features of this pet shop in Mumbai. Urban Brat delivers all the products for no additional shipping cost at all. The deliveries are limited however to the Indian customers only. Do pay a visit at to experience the difference.




Urban Brat is a Mumbai based online pet shop where all the dog and puppy care products are available at the best possible rates. There solutions for fleas and ticks on dog are unmatched in the whole pet market. This online pet store is the ultimate destination of every pet lover. Visit Urban Brat for A – Z puppy and dog care solutions.

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Online Pet Store- A Revolution To Improve The Lifestyle Of Your Pet

Pets are becoming important part of lives not just only for those who love pets but also for those who sometimes need someone to play with, to have fun with. Our busy schedules, hectic jobs are keeping us away from our family, friends, relatives and in those times when we feel lonely, these pets not just give us company but their cute activities also helps  us in releasing out all the mental stress and keep ourselves calm and refreshing. The growing love for pets and their increasing importance in our lives has made the pet owners more aware and concerned towards the needs of their pets. The pet owners now want proper facilities for their pets, such as beds, belts, food, bands etc., and this indicates towards the increasing market for pet accessories.

Today we can see that there is a very big market for pet food, pet accessories, Dog Toy, Dog Treats, Dog Shampoo and even for pet dresses.  The pet business owners are nowadays also considering the option of going online and launching online pet stores, where a customer can easily select a pet of his choice and that pet will be delivered to him at his home and the customer gets the convenience of getting a pet of his choice without even leaving his home. Online pet shop is also a good option for those pet lovers who have a particular or special choice relating to pets and the pets of their choice are not available easily. They are saved from the trouble of running from one pet shop to another which may take a lot of time and also squeeze the energy of a person.

The customer of today is already short of time and he doesn’t want to spend his time running in market, buying products and this is where an online pet shop will be of great help to him. If he can find the pet and pet accessories of his choice online with home delivery available then he will be more than happy to make repeated transactions.

 The owner of online pet shop needs to keep in mind that the pet products shown in the website should be available with him and the information regarding each and every product’s prices, quantity, any free gift etc should be published on the website and should be absolutely correct. In the same way, the online pet store should have a wide variety of pet accessories, to give the customer a lot of options to choose from and the prices should also be reasonable. Urbanbrat is the best example of it.  The pet accessories should also be of good quality and there should be replacement facility if by-chance the product is not of good quality. To retain a customer for a long term, it is necessary that a customer should be delighted not just satisfied.

All the marketing experts are stating the online marketing as the future of marketing and the Pet Supplies Online sector is one of the fastest growing sectors. A pet lover doesn’t mind spending good amount on his pet if he can get the worth of his money.  Do shop online for pets and make them stylish and healthy. To get best pet accessories, visit-, and shop happily.



Cure for Ticks and Fleas on dogs at Urban Brat

Mumbai, 27 NOVEMBER 2012 – Good news for dog and puppy lovers all across India, especially in and around the areas of city of dreams, Mumbai. Urban Brat, an online pet store in Mumbai has got all the pet care solutions under one roof and that too at the ease of online access. You can view all the products related to dog treats, dog grooming and bathing products like dog shampoo, pet accessories and dog toys etc on

The quality of the products available at Urban Brat is just the best and these products come from the best brands and meet the highest level of satisfaction for both pets and the pet lovers. This is the reason why they have grown to such popularity in such a little span of time. Moreover the products at Urban Brat though of highest quality standards are available at most affordable costs that would not burn a hole into your pockets. Urban Brat maintains a well managed online cart where you can add the products to your cart, get discounts using special coupon codes, and can even track your order.

The cures and treatments available for fleas and ticks on dog are really effective in curing the puppies and dogs. The ticks and fleas on dogs are the cause of biggest irritation for dogs and puppies. Whereas some ticks and fleas can be avoided by maintaining proper health care habits and taking necessary precautions yet many times it is seen that ticks on dogs are found even with all the precautions and care being taken. These are the ones from which your pup or dog needs to be get relieved.

At Urban Brat products like shampoos, powders, sprays and combs are available for the immediate relief from Ticks On Dogs. Even the products related to cure from fleas is also commendable and worth noticing. All these products are handpicked from best brands and have been trusted by thousands of customers all across the nation. The rates quoted by Urban Brat for anti tick dog shampoos are unbeatable in the market.

Other than cures for fleas and ticks on dogs this online Pet Shop In Mumbai have the widest collection of other dog and pup care products all available under the one roof. Maybe this is the reason Urban Brat is popularly known as one stop solution for all kind of pet accessories and products. Do visit their website for more detailed descriptions of the products.


Urban Brat, an online pet shop situated in Mumbai provides different kind of pet health care and daily use products. The cures available for fleas and ticks on dogs and puppies are at very reasonable rates and are highly effective for immediate relief. The quality provided by Urban Brat is unmatched and the price quotes are unbeatable in the Indian market. In simple words Urban Brat is a paradise for the pets and pet lovers. Do visit



Dog Treats At Urbanbrat

Mumbai, 28 November 2012 – Are you looking for best quality dog treat and supplement at affordable prices then Urban Brat is just the place for you. Situated in city of dreams, Mumbai, Urban Brat is an online pet store with all the dog and puppy care products available under one roof. Especially the treats available for dogs and puppies are an attraction for all the proud owners of dogs or puppies. The Dog Treats available at this online pet shop come in huge choices of variety to suit the choice for your pet. They have got biscuits, veggie delights, meaty feasts, dental care treats, and rawhide and even packaged treats.

All the treats and supplements are of the best quality brands available in the market. Urban treats brings to you the finest selection of the puppy and dog treats so that you get the ultimate satisfaction as far as the value for money is concerned. They being pet lovers too, Urban Brat make sure that your dog gets the best food for a healthier growth of your valued pets. The variation of flavours and choices available at this online pet store makes sure that your puppy or dog does not get bored of same treats all the time.

Other than these treats meant for merry growth of the pets there are supplements available that take care of the physical appearance and health of these innocent and friendly creatures.  These supplements take care of the calcium needs of your beloved dogs and puppies to make him/her more active and fit for daily tasks. Just like we humans do even the puppies and dogs require calcium to keep their bones strong and in healthy condition. The calcium supplement available with Urban Brat is of best quality available in the market.

The other major type of supplement is for the fur of your valued pet. This supplement is for thick, soft and shiny fur of your puppies and dogs. These supplements in tablet form are very easy to put it in the daily doses of your pet.

Other than the treats and supplements, Urban Brat keeps all pet related care products like grooming and bathing products, toys and accessories, and treatments for fleas and Ticks On Dogs and puppies for your convenience. The products available under single roof are even more tempting when there is complement shipment of the products all over the nation. Quality of products has never been an issue with Urban Brat on delivering side. Do visit to now for any kind of puppy care products.


Urban Brat in Mumbai is one of the most well known online pet stores across the region. The store is practically a collection of A- Z solutions for all the needs and requirements of your adorable dogs and puppies. Our food treats and supplements are the most sought after products for proper and healthier growth of the dogs and puppies. Contact Urban Brat to know the difference between the best and the others.


Get affordable and quality products from URBANBRAT

18-11-2012, Mumbai- Welcome to URBANBRAT, which has everything for all your pet needs or can be called as one stop shop. If you need exquisite pet products for care of your pet, we are the best online pet store with all the solutions. We are the largest pet store across the nation to fulfil all your pet needs. We have wide collection of dog products like Dog toys, Dog Shampoo, Charms, collars, leashes and other grooming products.

URBANBRAT is well- established name in the pet market in India and operating its all online transactions from Mumbai. Urbanbrat has been delivering world class services to many esteemed clients all over the country especially in the region of Mumbai and surrounding regions. URBANBRAT’S pet store in Mumbai is the gateway to an exclusive and unique collection of whole range of pet products.


As said earlier we are the one stop solution for all your pet care needs. Our A – Z service includes:

Pet Anti-tick deodorizing – We deliver Anti-tick deodorizing products so that all your pets set aside from any kind of diseases and symptoms arises due to most common creatures i.e., ticks and fleas. Thesecreatures can develop variety of serious issues in pets. They bite and feed animal’s blood and this cause problems like- skin irritation, allergic reactions, anemia and even death of pet can occur. Our treatment sprays for Ticks On Dogsare highly trusted and acceptable by many pet lovers. These are meant for immediate effect and are available as both precautionary and treatment products. Our Anti-tick deodorizing is the best solution to combat from ticks and fleas issues, buy it without any delay and save pet.


Pet Treats- Our pet treats are in huge demand due to its quality and choices that we provide. Our entire pet/ Dog Treats are of highest standards and are relished by the pets. Our wide range of treats includes- meaty treats, biscuits, Peppermint, Rawhide and other supplements.

Pet Accessories- URBANBRAT provides complete range of pet accessories including- different kinds of collars, dog leashes, harness, amazing dog charms, etc. All our products come with guarantee of quality. Our prices for these products are unbeatable in the market. Try it!

Dog Grooming Products- Pet grooming products are an adorable way to make your dog look beautiful and healthy. We have wide range of Dog grooming products; you can purchase any product from our store- Body Splash, Deodorants, Brushes and combs, Hygiene, Bathing Accessories, Oil and dentals. 


Beside above mentioned products, Daily Essentials, Supplements, Training Equipments for your adorable pets available at our Pet Shop In Mumbai.


URBANBRAT is a trusted brand in associate with pet care products. Our rates are very affordable and quality is unmatchable. Our main concern is to bring world class products together so that you can choose the best for your pet. After all best pet demands the best products and services too.

So contact us today by visiting our website to get best pet products at door your steps.



Easy access to pet accessories from online pet shop in India

Anyone can purchase different kinds of pets such as cat, canine, fish and some pet items like pet sustenance, nutrients, and just about every trace of the things needed for pets. For the connected purchasers it is vital to discover the value features from rumoured suppliers before getting them. Online pet shop supplies numerous alternatives and significant number of pet supplies online. This kind of shopping gives a happy interaction to a large number. They give select accumulation of pet apparels, pet accessories, toys and countless different extras for dogs.


The pet shop in Mumbai or in Indiaaccords different kind of pet accessories, pet grooming products, canine hygiene and cleanliness utilities at reasonable and focused rates. They additionally deal with online community on pet problems, which teaches a considerable number of pet parents in managing with some crisis scenarios if any creature works toward getting harmed or endures any disease. They furnish speedy, reliable, and palatable aids to their customers.


For dogs there are a mixture of dry sustenance and canned nourishments in addition to a determination of treats, dog toys and different dental solutions. There might as well moreover be a collection of extras for example puppy products, toys, advances and collars, and health cures for example supplements and puppy cleaning products. The determination for other pets might as well be ordinarily the same with different diet alternatives in addition to toys, sheets, pet litter and possibly even feline folds and scratching presents. Again, you might as well in addition have the ability to discover a reach of health items simultaneously.


A few of them additionally adore adding jewelleries and coloured charm to their pets so they look lovelier. There are offbeat sorts of extra goods on online pet shop. The pet extras incorporate the collars, harnesses, walking sticks, brushes, combs, deodorants, oil and so on. The best thing about these pet products is that they are made up of delicate materials that do no harm to the pets. The best you can do is to purchase pet accessories from trusted online pet shop where you can get different varieties of products with quality.


Apart pet grooming products, if we look at pet’s health then we should be aware about the ticks and flea issues. It spreads so easily and causes major harm to your pet. For this you need to have Anti-tick deodorizing powders and shampoos so that you can apply it on your pet and make them infection free.


If we talk about dogs, the perfect Dog Treats are created out of entire sustenance’s that supplement your dog’s typical eating methodology with nutrients he or she does not get regularly. Normal dog treats do not contain allergens and hold just the right ingredients that are made for the sort of creature for which they are meant. The best expected treats are these in which certifiable nourishment’s supply the nutrients.


Get connect with trustable online pet shop i.e., and ensure to have quality products with an affordable cost.

Connect with online pet shop to get quality pet accessories at your doorstep

We all cherish our pets and with the arrival of the online shopping trend, it has given advantages to the pet owner in terms of convenience. Online pet product supplier in India UrbanBrat is extremely efficient. You must have visited nearby pet shops but have you ever focused on competitive pet product prices. In an emergency, buying pet accessories might leave you no option other than settling for the price if you physically purchase the commodity. Not only this, do you always get the pet products from that store? Do you get quality products? If you choose an online pet store definitely you can have broad selection of pet products and services, also you will get all the desired pet products which you were likely to have at an affordable price and even you will get delivery within 72 hours right at your doorstep.

India has so many pets nowadays and there are less pet shops in every city. Therefore it is easy to buy from online pet shop, UrbanBrat which supplies all pet products online to make much more comfortable life for dogs. There are certain items that you would like to purchase but it does not exist near your pet store then you will definitely get it from urbanbrat. You can buy any pet grooming products from Urbanbrat which can help in maintaining your pet’s fur, ears, teeth and nails which is very important. Ticks On Dogs are also a major issue and it should be fixed immediately. Ticks can harm pet’s skin by biting them and drawing blood and leave behind harmful infections. Some of the minor symptoms you can see if your dog is suffering badly with ticks’ are- fever, limping, swelling, pain areas and lack in energy. If we talk about their dental care, a pet’s health is directly associated with their mouth. Make it a point to clean their teeth. It is essential to brush-up their teeth to remove germs completely.


The most demanded pet accessories are dog shampoo, dog treats, brushes, combs, oils and deodorants. You can look for the reliable brand from online store that offers a wide variety of products with wide varieties of brands and which will cover all aspects of pet ownership from grooming to health. What more do you need, if the description of the features on Online Pet Shop web page exists as well provide enough information, for example measure, color, weight and more so you can make the best updated determination possible. Stick to online pet shop and learn about the latest updated products and purchase according to the requirements and ease. Additionally, you can get some rewards points which are only provided by online shop and may not in the physical stores. Rewards points can be called as discount for any future purchase or you can get any free gifts or incentives as per the norms of the online store. Isn’t shopping for pets full of fun and surprises?


If you are looking for online pet shop nearby Mumbai or anywhere in India, Urbanbrat is the best destination for you. For more product details visit-