Dog care products at Urban Brat

Mumbai, 11 JAN 2013 – Urban Brat, a Mumbai situated online pet care store is one stop solution for all type of puppy and dog care products. Whether it is grooming products or health care items, or accessories, or even daily essentials and treats Urban Brat has got all the products under one roof for the pet lovers. All the products are from the famous brands and meet the world class quality standards.

As a responsible business Urban Brat thinks that it is there moral duty to provide homes for puppies and dogs. Maybe this is the reason why they encourage adopt first policy rather than buying of the innocent pets. This leads to finding of a home full of love and care for the pet.

Being one of the largest and most popular Online Pet shop in the region all the puppy care products are available under a single roof. The dog grooming products available at Urban Brat have the widest range of choice between different brands and products. The grooming products consist of the body splashes, dog shampoos, deodorants, brushes, hygiene care, bathing accessories, oil and dental care for the dogs and puppies. The veggie and meaty Dog Treats available at Urban Brat are just the best and most sought after dog treats available in the market.

The variety of choice is not only limited to the dog grooming products but there is lot of options available in the toys and accessories as well. The entire Dog Toy is made from highly hygienic materials which are safe for your pets. The dog toys include products like hard toys, rope toys, squeaker toys, latex toys and plush toys also. The pet accessories like charms, collars, harnesses and leashes are available at matchless prices. The deals available at this online pet shop are really amazing with all the quality and value for money you get.

Online pet supplies are also one of the characteristic features of this pet shop in Mumbai. Urban Brat delivers all the products for no additional shipping cost at all. The deliveries are limited however to the Indian customers only. Do pay a visit at to experience the difference.




Urban Brat is a Mumbai based online pet shop where all the dog and puppy care products are available at the best possible rates. There solutions for fleas and ticks on dog are unmatched in the whole pet market. This online pet store is the ultimate destination of every pet lover. Visit Urban Brat for A – Z puppy and dog care solutions.

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Buying A Toy For Your Dog? Here’s A Guide

Buying dog toys is generally considered an easy task to perform. All that is needed to be done is to enter a supermarket’s pet department or some dog specified store and find a suitable toy. Simple isn’t it? People think that buying an appropriate Dog Toy is as simple as that. But actually, it isn’t. Safety for instance comes first. Toys whether is being purchased for a dog or a child, the person who purchase the toys always keep safety in mind.  

A Dog Toy should never have any splinters, attached strings, buttons or eyes or any kind of stuffing that can be easily ingested or chewed off or even swallowed. Any sharp edges can also prove to be very harmful. Mostly, the dog toys are given to the intended dog and are left alone with it. This is one reason why the toys should be safe to play with. Toys should be inspected from time to time as they are mostly handled very roughly. This subjects the toys to regular wear and tear. The toys because of this reason start developing cracks, starts shredding and many a times break into pieces. Toys like dog bones when reach such conditions should be thrown immediately. They can later become a reason for diseases that penetrate into the dog’s body because of germs.

The person buying a dog toy should be aware of the dog’s personality. For instance, if the dog is a little puppy then chewing toys are the best. People if buying a dog from some other person, and then he should also investigate about the dog’s personality. Even if the dog is acquired from some rescue operation, the dog should be observed very carefully and from his behavior one can analyze its personality. Aggressive chewer, possessor, energetic, snuggler and chewer are a few dog personalities. However, different breeds of dogs have their specific breed traits.

So, after knowing some of the basics about buying a dog toy, one is free to choose from the variety of toys available in urban brat the best Online Pet Store. Some of the requirements along with toys options are:

  1. Size: The dog toy being purchased should be in relation to the dog’s size. Neither should it be extremely big nor very tiny to play with.
  2. Squeakers: Dogs love squeaking toys. But, when handing some cute sounding squeaky toy to the dog one should be cautious as the dog might actually chew the toy till the squeaker comes out and eventually might end swallowing it up.
  3. Durability: Durable toys generally come for a greater price. But they last longer than the cheap ones. Aggressive chewers should be left happy with their chewing toys.
  4. Cleanable: The toys that are being purchased should be as little complicated as possible. This is because as complicated the toy will be tougher will be its cleaning process.
  5. Dog bones: Composed of natural elements and ingredients, vegetable matters dog bones are also popular choice for a dog toy.

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Online Pet Store- A Revolution To Improve The Lifestyle Of Your Pet

Pets are becoming important part of lives not just only for those who love pets but also for those who sometimes need someone to play with, to have fun with. Our busy schedules, hectic jobs are keeping us away from our family, friends, relatives and in those times when we feel lonely, these pets not just give us company but their cute activities also helps  us in releasing out all the mental stress and keep ourselves calm and refreshing. The growing love for pets and their increasing importance in our lives has made the pet owners more aware and concerned towards the needs of their pets. The pet owners now want proper facilities for their pets, such as beds, belts, food, bands etc., and this indicates towards the increasing market for pet accessories.

Today we can see that there is a very big market for pet food, pet accessories, Dog Toy, Dog Treats, Dog Shampoo and even for pet dresses.  The pet business owners are nowadays also considering the option of going online and launching online pet stores, where a customer can easily select a pet of his choice and that pet will be delivered to him at his home and the customer gets the convenience of getting a pet of his choice without even leaving his home. Online pet shop is also a good option for those pet lovers who have a particular or special choice relating to pets and the pets of their choice are not available easily. They are saved from the trouble of running from one pet shop to another which may take a lot of time and also squeeze the energy of a person.

The customer of today is already short of time and he doesn’t want to spend his time running in market, buying products and this is where an online pet shop will be of great help to him. If he can find the pet and pet accessories of his choice online with home delivery available then he will be more than happy to make repeated transactions.

 The owner of online pet shop needs to keep in mind that the pet products shown in the website should be available with him and the information regarding each and every product’s prices, quantity, any free gift etc should be published on the website and should be absolutely correct. In the same way, the online pet store should have a wide variety of pet accessories, to give the customer a lot of options to choose from and the prices should also be reasonable. Urbanbrat is the best example of it.  The pet accessories should also be of good quality and there should be replacement facility if by-chance the product is not of good quality. To retain a customer for a long term, it is necessary that a customer should be delighted not just satisfied.

All the marketing experts are stating the online marketing as the future of marketing and the Pet Supplies Online sector is one of the fastest growing sectors. A pet lover doesn’t mind spending good amount on his pet if he can get the worth of his money.  Do shop online for pets and make them stylish and healthy. To get best pet accessories, visit-, and shop happily.



Have Fun With Your Dogs And Toys

Dog toys and pet accessories are most lucrative thing which every dog owner wants to buy for its loveable dog. Like any other products available to you, dog toys are also very much in demand. There are varieties of Pet Accessoriesavailable in the market. So what should we see before buying any dog accessories? There are numbers of facts that should be considered while buying dog accessories. For example if you are buying any collar for your dog. The most important thing one should keep in mind is the comfort of your dog. If your pet is not comfortable with it, definitely it will lead some serious problems to your dog. Not just, bang on the high cost products that only bring comfort to your pet. Just because it’s costly, it does not mean that it will be comfortable for your dog or it is just made for your dog. It does not matter for your pet that how much that product costs you; the thing which matters is comfort factor. So never make this mistake that high priced means better quality. Better, you should focus on the quality of the product. The first thing you should prefer, your dog accessory and its size. If the size is too big or small for your pet, definitely it will create problems for your pet. Metallic accessories are the best option but it also rusts easily so you have to keep checking it regularly.

Puppies and dogs love to play and if they have toys to play with, they will remain active and happy. There are varieties of Dog Toy, which are loved by the dogs. Generally, if we talk about four kinds of toys mentioned below, they are created to make your dog active and healthy.

  1. Squeaky dog toys- They are stuffed from inside and made up with very hard material having a sneaker in it. These look like our daily products that are shoes, utensils, foods etc. and the list is increasing day by day, as now the toys are also in the form of electronic gadgets.
  2. Latex dog Toys – These are designed to keep your dog busy as they can chew and bite it. It will keep your pet engaged for several hours and also make them satisfied.  By regular chewing pets can also keep their teeth and gums healthy and clean. This can be the best toy used to keep pet hygiene.
  3. Rubber dog Toys- The dogs, which are aggressive in nature, have a strong urge for biting and chewing. They can chew it continuously and keep their teeth healthy. It is just like an exercise of the teeth and you can also play along with it.
  4. Rope dog toys- They are made to play with the ropes. It is a fun game for them and just like the tug of war. They can also  be washed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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Urban Brat’s Product of the month- Tick Spray

18-October-2012, Mumbai- No doubts at all that dogs are the man’s best friend because of their faithful, loving and playful nature. Also medical science proved that dog ownership can lower down stress levels in pets, blood pressure and also overcome with the feelings of isolation. Pet owners face many problems regarding their pets´ well being due to less products for pets in the market. It is very important to care for our pets and focus on every single aspect so that any serious issues do not arise later. Besides grooming of pets, one of the major problem pet owner faces are that of fleas and ticks. No pet in this world is safe from these creatures if we do take proper care.  Pets often bring other parasitic creatures too. Having fleas and ticks in pets can lead to suffering from intense irritable itching from bites and this leads to severe allergies and infections. Not only pets, we and our family can also suffer with some serious diseases. So the best way to control fleas and ticks is we should use tick related products regularly to avoid serious problems. One of these products is Tick spray.

Thanks to http://www.urbanbrat.comthat it is having a simple solution for your pet and that is online Tick Sprays which keeps ticks and fleas away.  With amazing speed of internet development, dog tick problems can be solved as Urban Brat is a well established online pet shop which has abundant offers for pet parents on almost all types of pet products. If your pet is infected from fleas and ticks, you don’t have to do much except for having a good internet connection. Visit, order for Tick Spray and it will be delivered at your door steps within 72 hours anywhere in India.


Besides dog tick spray, the wide array of products at Urban Brat are offered every day. It is important to emphasize that our team consists of professionals and specialists that are at your disposal every day. Urban Brat offers affordable prices for pet products online like Pet Accessories, pet grooming products, Pet Supplies Online, Dog Toyand weoperate 24/7, 365 days a year. Urban Brat offers you a wide, abundant variety of online pet products your dog needs every day. Urban Brat team’s overall motto is to make your pet happy by delivering exciting products.


We at Urban Brat believe in style, but we also believe that every single living being is in need of love and care, and we try to spread the word and spread love as much as we are able to.



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˝Urban Brat˝ Pays True Attention to Your Pet Well Being

16 October 2012, Mumbai- Even in the 21st century there are many problems the pet owners face often. It is lack of necessary pet supplies every owner needs for his/hers pet wellbeing and satisfaction. Pet owners cannot simply enter some pet shop and buy what they need, as even nowadays regular pet shops that function as small retailer shops offer only some basic pet supplies, are not attentive to every dog needs, and it is difficult to compare prices among hundereds of dog supplies.

Another misfortune and drawback is that regular shops are scattered and not located closely in one town. Pet owners usually have to travel long distances from one to the other pet shop to buy the things they are going to need for their pets. Thanks to the perks of internet, pet owners are nowadays able to enjoy shopping for their dogs in the whole sale web pet shops, which offer almost everything one pet owner can dream to have for their dogs.  This makes them and their dog happy and satisfied. is the best and largest online pet shop which delivers all things for pets right from dog treats, Dog Grooming Products, dog accessories and dog toys at cheap and affordable prices. We put the greatest efforts to truly stand out and be prominent in order to be able to truly help every single pet owner and all kinds of dog breeds.

˝Urban Brat˝ is an online pet shop that works as whole sale shop.
We have everything which you need for your dog like hard dog toys for big breeds and plush dog toys for small breeds. Online dog shampoo, online tick spray and grooming tools are readily available in lots of variety.  Along with these basic dog needs, there are also dog collars and leash, dog dining bowls and water bottle as well as many dog accessories. We have everything in stock that a dog needs and as we are online you do not worry to spend hours searching for the product here and there in the market. So the best option is just visit our website and purchase desired products for your pet at competitive prices.

What we at ˝Urban Brat˝ take enormous pride as we are the honest seller and we empathize on the product quality of pet care deliverables so that you can take better care of your dog. We also take proper actions to educate pet parents about the importance of quality products of animals and advice what they should buy to make their pet beautiful and healthy through our online chat on the website. We offer free shipping and loyalty points to our customers. Our motto to serve you reliable products as we understand that every single being needs and deserves love, and therefore should be given the opportunity to be loved and return that love somehow.  


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You Can Find the Best Dog Treats for Your Dog Online

We live in the 21st century which means that we should forget about shopping in ordinary street type shops, for what we need. It is era of computers, internet and era of abundant possibilities of finding whatever you need at any time you need, online.

Namely, this is not said because somebody wants to get rid of the ordinary line of shops in favor of those online ones.
This is said simply because it seems that the owners of regular shops do not make much effort into enriching the offer of goods and merchandise their shops offer, nor they put any effort into expanding the assortment of goods.
And that is why online web shops already developed the advantage over regular shops nowadays.
While online shops already offer a wide variety of literally everything a human being needs, from necessities all the way to luxurious things, while they operate like whole sale shops, and offer sales, discounts and free delivery and shipping services across the country, ordinary shops still offer only few things, at a fixed price, and it seems they are not thinking about bringing the whole shopping satisfaction to their customers. And you all will agree that that is the whole purpose of a shopping store.

Now that we came to the conclusion where to ultimately turn to for anything you need, let us see what your furry best friend may be in need of and where you can find it. With only a move of your wrist and few clicks you find yourself into the most amazing domain of internet networks and internet space. Where you will find everything even your most vivacious imagination may think of.

And with those few clicks you are just few steps away from the abundant space of web pet online stores where you can find the best dog treats for your beloved pet. Along with treats for your dog, you can find dog toy, Pet Accessories and dog grooming products too at any time and at good price. Special dog needs are also taken care of and where you can buy dog treats and everything else at the most affordable prices.

But when you are intent on buying things for your dog, pay special attention to dog treats. They are not just for entertainment. Your furry best friend deserves the best nutrition and benefits of dog treats. Dog Treats actually have special purpose and that is why it is recommended to give them to your dog often. Dog treats help your dogs strengthen their teeth, gums and jaw muscles. They act as a sort of positive reinforcement while training dogs too.

Make sure you give treats according to the size of your dog. If you have a small dog or a puppy, give them treats in lesser quantity. Pay attention if your dog already has sensitive teeth, as it may then prefer soft type of treats, and most importantly if your dog is sensitive and prone to allergies, you are bound to give him hypoallergenic treats. The most advisable treats to give your dog for dental health and exercise are crunchy dog treats. But including meaty or sweet treats are not inadvisable as they also help your dog’s health in many ways.

Dog treats are not only for training purpose. They are good to chew and act as a healthy after meal addition. They also strengthen the bond between your dog and you. You should see online pet shop for yummy dog treats.  

So if you are planning to shop online for your pets, please log on to Consider it!