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MUMBAI, 10 JAN 2013- Keeping and caring for a dog is not as simple as it sounds like. The dogs are like babies, they are needed to be cared for and pampered as well. However, there are many online stores and specified pet stores that can be used by the people who like to choose the best for their pets. Urban brat is one such Online Pet Shop that happily holds the responsibility of serving people with the widest range of dog care products. Dog shampoo, Pet Accessories, toys, dining as well as daily essentials are available here.

Cleanliness is very important to be maintained by any living being. Humans are capable of maintaining their hygiene by themselves but the pets are needed to be kept clean and tidy. For cleaning the dogs they are needed to be treated with soap solutions and shampoos. The market is full of dogs and other pet care products. But the person who is responsible for purchasing the products like Dog Shampoo and other cleaning solutions needs to act wisely.

Different breeds of dogs have different requirements. Some breeds of dogs are very furry and hairy, while some are not. Within the category of furry dogs, there are some dogs that are hard haired while the others have soft and silky hair. Keeping this point in mind, it is very important that the dog shampoo is chosen as per the breed’s requirements. The online store is hence a good option for being considered when buying dog supplements and accessories. The website offers a wide variety of shampoo types and brands for facilitating the customers all around the world. Not only these shampoos clean the dogs to their fullest but also render them scented.

The dog shampoo can be purchased at a reasonable price. If the person buying the dog merchandises, he can enquire about the products through the website’s feedback mechanism. They are ready to guide their clients to guarantee them the highest degree of satisfaction.  People can also clear their doubts and gain from the other pet owner’s experiences with the help of the website’s blog. Many schemes and discounts are also offered to the customers from time to time. People can compare and contrast two or more products for their features and prices if a person gets confused between them.

There are many dogs that need very specific and unique treatments. Some may even become allergic to various products if not brought wisely and also from a good place. Hence, before buying any kind of pet care product, the person purchasing the merchandise should check whether the store keeps good and quality products or not. For such precautionary reasons as well, the online store urban brat is one of the best options to be considered. Here, a wide range of best quality products is available at affordable prices.  

With online pet shopping, caring for dogs and other pets has become very simplified. Not only it helps their owners but they also take joy in such processes.  For purchasing best Dog Shampoo at reasonable prices visit- www.urbanbrat.com



Online Pet Store- A Revolution To Improve The Lifestyle Of Your Pet

Pets are becoming important part of lives not just only for those who love pets but also for those who sometimes need someone to play with, to have fun with. Our busy schedules, hectic jobs are keeping us away from our family, friends, relatives and in those times when we feel lonely, these pets not just give us company but their cute activities also helps  us in releasing out all the mental stress and keep ourselves calm and refreshing. The growing love for pets and their increasing importance in our lives has made the pet owners more aware and concerned towards the needs of their pets. The pet owners now want proper facilities for their pets, such as beds, belts, food, bands etc., and this indicates towards the increasing market for pet accessories.

Today we can see that there is a very big market for pet food, pet accessories, Dog Toy, Dog Treats, Dog Shampoo and even for pet dresses.  The pet business owners are nowadays also considering the option of going online and launching online pet stores, where a customer can easily select a pet of his choice and that pet will be delivered to him at his home and the customer gets the convenience of getting a pet of his choice without even leaving his home. Online pet shop is also a good option for those pet lovers who have a particular or special choice relating to pets and the pets of their choice are not available easily. They are saved from the trouble of running from one pet shop to another which may take a lot of time and also squeeze the energy of a person.

The customer of today is already short of time and he doesn’t want to spend his time running in market, buying products and this is where an online pet shop will be of great help to him. If he can find the pet and pet accessories of his choice online with home delivery available then he will be more than happy to make repeated transactions.

 The owner of online pet shop needs to keep in mind that the pet products shown in the website should be available with him and the information regarding each and every product’s prices, quantity, any free gift etc should be published on the website and should be absolutely correct. In the same way, the online pet store should have a wide variety of pet accessories, to give the customer a lot of options to choose from and the prices should also be reasonable. Urbanbrat is the best example of it.  The pet accessories should also be of good quality and there should be replacement facility if by-chance the product is not of good quality. To retain a customer for a long term, it is necessary that a customer should be delighted not just satisfied.

All the marketing experts are stating the online marketing as the future of marketing and the Pet Supplies Online sector is one of the fastest growing sectors. A pet lover doesn’t mind spending good amount on his pet if he can get the worth of his money.  Do shop online for pets and make them stylish and healthy. To get best pet accessories, visit- www.urbanbrat.com, and shop happily.



Bathing Shampoos For The Dogs

Whenever you are going for any dog bathing products online or even in any pet store physically, you will definitely see a number of products and brands for bathing purpose. Apart from the shampoos, there are colognes, conditioners, special shampoos etc. You can also see the shampoos for dandruff and different coat types (short and long). Not only are these products, even a long list of other pet products are available.

Now the question comes into your mind that which of these are suitable for your pet. Well it is not an easy task that what you need to purchase. However, for making your task a bit easy and giving you some tips which you can remember-

For Coats Having A Luxurious Look

Constituents of this/ theseDog Shampoo/s contain fruit extracts or mix fruit extracts which is natural. Moreover, due to which they have a peculiar scent. It will provide a good look and makes your dog feel good too. In addition, these products are mostly very good until your dog is not suffering from any skin disease. So all the brands available either it is online or in local dog stores products may be vary in their quality slightly.

Skin Disease Shampoos

There are a number of problems associated with the skin of the dogs like drying, sensitivity, allergies or irritation. For soothing animal’s skin, oatmeal’s are present in the dog shampoos, which provide a good relief. It acts as a moisturizer.

Shampoos For Medication

Medicated dog shampoos are not available over the counter; you have to consult your vet before buying any medicated shampoo. Therefore, it should not be buying before getting it prescribed. These contain chemicals as an ingredient such as chlorohexidine. They are very much effective but you need to follow the instructions of the vet.

Shampoos For Fleas And Ticks

These products are much differs from others as they contain not only natural products as well as some strong effect chemicals also. In case you are going to buy any natural product based shampoo for your dog, then you should check the label of ingredients of the dog shampoos to make sure that it should not contain any chemical. In case your dog is suffering from any of the harmful disease of the fleas or ticks or can say Ticks On Dogs then you should prefer some harsh chemicals based dog shampoo but your vet should recommend it.

Shampoos For Whitening And Colour Enhancing

There are a number of whiteners present in the market. They can be enzymatic cleaning agents and as a bleaching agent. So read the labels and sites, which are going to suit your dog skin. Whiteners are also act as colour enhancers however they should be recommended by the doctors before buying as it can be harmful for your dog if it’s having any skin problem.

Different kinds of dog shampoos are available at online stores you just make sure that you choose a trustable store because then only you can get trustable products. If you are in dilemma that which online shop we opt for shopping? Without any delay, just rush to log on- www.urbanbrat.com and shop whatever you want for your pets because it is an honest seller.


Connect with online pet shop to get quality pet accessories at your doorstep

We all cherish our pets and with the arrival of the online shopping trend, it has given advantages to the pet owner in terms of convenience. Online pet product supplier in India UrbanBrat is extremely efficient. You must have visited nearby pet shops but have you ever focused on competitive pet product prices. In an emergency, buying pet accessories might leave you no option other than settling for the price if you physically purchase the commodity. Not only this, do you always get the pet products from that store? Do you get quality products? If you choose an online pet store definitely you can have broad selection of pet products and services, also you will get all the desired pet products which you were likely to have at an affordable price and even you will get delivery within 72 hours right at your doorstep.

India has so many pets nowadays and there are less pet shops in every city. Therefore it is easy to buy from online pet shop, UrbanBrat which supplies all pet products online to make much more comfortable life for dogs. There are certain items that you would like to purchase but it does not exist near your pet store then you will definitely get it from urbanbrat. You can buy any pet grooming products from Urbanbrat which can help in maintaining your pet’s fur, ears, teeth and nails which is very important. Ticks On Dogs are also a major issue and it should be fixed immediately. Ticks can harm pet’s skin by biting them and drawing blood and leave behind harmful infections. Some of the minor symptoms you can see if your dog is suffering badly with ticks’ are- fever, limping, swelling, pain areas and lack in energy. If we talk about their dental care, a pet’s health is directly associated with their mouth. Make it a point to clean their teeth. It is essential to brush-up their teeth to remove germs completely.


The most demanded pet accessories are dog shampoo, dog treats, brushes, combs, oils and deodorants. You can look for the reliable brand from online store that offers a wide variety of products with wide varieties of brands and which will cover all aspects of pet ownership from grooming to health. What more do you need, if the description of the features on Online Pet Shop web page exists as well provide enough information, for example measure, color, weight and more so you can make the best updated determination possible. Stick to online pet shop and learn about the latest updated products and purchase according to the requirements and ease. Additionally, you can get some rewards points which are only provided by online shop and may not in the physical stores. Rewards points can be called as discount for any future purchase or you can get any free gifts or incentives as per the norms of the online store. Isn’t shopping for pets full of fun and surprises?


If you are looking for online pet shop nearby Mumbai or anywhere in India, Urbanbrat is the best destination for you. For more product details visit- http://www.urbanbrat.com


˝Urban Brat˝ Pays True Attention to Your Pet Well Being

16 October 2012, Mumbai- Even in the 21st century there are many problems the pet owners face often. It is lack of necessary pet supplies every owner needs for his/hers pet wellbeing and satisfaction. Pet owners cannot simply enter some pet shop and buy what they need, as even nowadays regular pet shops that function as small retailer shops offer only some basic pet supplies, are not attentive to every dog needs, and it is difficult to compare prices among hundereds of dog supplies.

Another misfortune and drawback is that regular shops are scattered and not located closely in one town. Pet owners usually have to travel long distances from one to the other pet shop to buy the things they are going to need for their pets. Thanks to the perks of internet, pet owners are nowadays able to enjoy shopping for their dogs in the whole sale web pet shops, which offer almost everything one pet owner can dream to have for their dogs.  This makes them and their dog happy and satisfied. http://www.urbanbrat.com is the best and largest online pet shop which delivers all things for pets right from dog treats, Dog Grooming Products, dog accessories and dog toys at cheap and affordable prices. We put the greatest efforts to truly stand out and be prominent in order to be able to truly help every single pet owner and all kinds of dog breeds.

˝Urban Brat˝ is an online pet shop that works as whole sale shop.
We have everything which you need for your dog like hard dog toys for big breeds and plush dog toys for small breeds. Online dog shampoo, online tick spray and grooming tools are readily available in lots of variety.  Along with these basic dog needs, there are also dog collars and leash, dog dining bowls and water bottle as well as many dog accessories. We have everything in stock that a dog needs and as we are online you do not worry to spend hours searching for the product here and there in the market. So the best option is just visit our website and purchase desired products for your pet at competitive prices.

What we at ˝Urban Brat˝ take enormous pride as we are the honest seller and we empathize on the product quality of pet care deliverables so that you can take better care of your dog. We also take proper actions to educate pet parents about the importance of quality products of animals and advice what they should buy to make their pet beautiful and healthy through our online chat on the website. We offer free shipping and loyalty points to our customers. Our motto to serve you reliable products as we understand that every single being needs and deserves love, and therefore should be given the opportunity to be loved and return that love somehow.  


E: sales@urbanbrat.com |W: http://www.urbanbrat.com


Bathing Experience to Make Your Dog a Happy Dog

Like humans, everyone deserves to be happy and satisfied in life. Pets are a member of the family and they should be treated with equal responsibility and care.

It is said that dogs are man’s best friends owing to the unconditional love they scatter. We too should return the love and be their best friend. There are many things apart from unconditional love that can make your dog happy and hygienic. You must have a stock of all these things in your house. Starting with dog food, dog treats, dog toys, dog accessories and even dog grooming products. It is essential that you have the right shampoo with you.  

With invent of online pet shop, it is convenient to buy pet products at home. No more carrying heavy bags or stepping out in scorching heat. The online pet shops have a huge variety of products which can be compared online.
Namely, your computer and your internet connection are all you need today to do pet shopping and to make both your dog and you thoroughly happy and satisfied.
The online pet shops offer you nowadays everything you might need for your pets, from food all the way to pet accessories, at truly affordable prices as they all function as huge whole sale pet shops.

Online pet shops not only offer huge discounts and a lot of products, they even take care of delivery and shipping services straight to your door step. Believe it or not, it is absolutely free of cost.
You can avail quick purchase, be satisfied with it, and pay far lesser amount of money, making it a pocket friendly experience. You will receive these products in your house as quickly as possible and at no cost at all.

Grooming your dog is a healthy and a hygienic habit to follow. It eliminates the risk of future skin related problems and will ensure that your dog always has a beautiful well maintained coat. This is possible only if you regularly brush your dog’s hair to untangle and maintain the fur. It also increases the bond between you and your pet. Though it is easy to comb your dog’s hair it can be a little tricky when it comes to bathing your dog. 

While bathing a dog, many thing must be kept in mind. Firstly, you cannot use just any type of shampoo or soap on your dog. Dog shampoos are not invented in vain. Human shampoos cannot be used on dogs because they have certain chemicals like sulfates which can ruin your dog’s coat and skin, causing allergies. Therefore buy Dog Shampoo that is meant to be good for your dog. Dog shampoos come in various types and varieties. There are dog shampoos specially made for short haired dogs and long haired dogs too. You can find excellent and affordable dog shampoos on this online pet shop.

If you want to shop for your pet then what are you waiting for? Log on to- www.urbanbrat.com




Bond with your pet with the right dog grooming tools

Having a pet is an act of love, but nevertheless the love you have does not make taking care of him an easy task. For many reasons once you have your pet, you have to make sure it is truly taken care of in every way possible.

Now, the dog lovers, and those people who have dogs as pets deal with one problem. And it is the grooming of dogs. It is not an easy task, not only because you cannot tell your dog to stay or lay still while you are finishing the task, but also because you yourself have to pay special attention to its fur, you have to chose right products, right tools for grooming. You cannot pick up just anything you come across. Another problem consists of the fact that pet shops do not always have dog grooming products you may need to be able to groom your dog properly. Luckily, this now has a solution owing to the sprouting of online web pet shops that are whole sale shops that got simply everything you might wish for.

Now, you need to know, depending on your dog breed, how to groom it properly, which products to use, and you may find all of the necessary information from the professional dog groomers. They are always ready and cooperative in giving the necessary information to their fellow dog lovers.

As your hair cutting process needs many things, from grooming brushes and combs that you or hairdresser needs to perform the action, to shampoo and towels to wash and dry your hair, your dog may also require all those things. But trust us, human hair is not that complex as dog fur is proved to be.



Let us see what kind of advice we can give you this time on buying pet supplies online you are going to need to groom your dog properly.

As already mentioned, turn to the wholesale online pet store, as they are the only ones that can supply you with everything that you need, not to mention discounts and sales they offer every day and free shipping/delivery services to your place.

You must learn to groom your dog properly on a daily basis. For example, if you have a large dog but with short hair, you might be in need of short hair tools, which will help you to shed the redundant hair from your best pal´s fur.  Quite on the contrary, if your biggie has long hair, you might be in need of long hair tool. As you see, there are things you have to pay close attention to during shopping for what you need.

Again depending on the size of your dog but also the quality and type of its fur, there are small firm slickers and large soft slickers for untangling the fur.  Dog clippers and scissors are must have tools for you if you have a dog. The common dog brush that every dog owner must use is bristling and pin brush. Also, since shedding is a major problem, Furminator de shedding brush for dogs must be used as it eliminates 90% of shedding and keeps your house fur free.  

Another thing that you should have handy is the dog conditioner as well as spray, from antibacterial ones via deodorizing ones all the way to flea and high maintenance sprays.  Your dog will also do good without long nails, therefore don´t forget dog nail clippers.  And there are yet many other products a house with a dog needs to have; we only mentioned a few of them.

Our best advice is to search for those pet supplies online as web pet stores are the best solution.

So if you are planning to shop online for your pets or want to purchase the pets, log on to http://www.urbanbrat.com. Consider it!