Cure for Ticks and Fleas on dogs at Urban Brat

Mumbai, 27 NOVEMBER 2012 – Good news for dog and puppy lovers all across India, especially in and around the areas of city of dreams, Mumbai. Urban Brat, an online pet store in Mumbai has got all the pet care solutions under one roof and that too at the ease of online access. You can view all the products related to dog treats, dog grooming and bathing products like dog shampoo, pet accessories and dog toys etc on

The quality of the products available at Urban Brat is just the best and these products come from the best brands and meet the highest level of satisfaction for both pets and the pet lovers. This is the reason why they have grown to such popularity in such a little span of time. Moreover the products at Urban Brat though of highest quality standards are available at most affordable costs that would not burn a hole into your pockets. Urban Brat maintains a well managed online cart where you can add the products to your cart, get discounts using special coupon codes, and can even track your order.

The cures and treatments available for fleas and ticks on dog are really effective in curing the puppies and dogs. The ticks and fleas on dogs are the cause of biggest irritation for dogs and puppies. Whereas some ticks and fleas can be avoided by maintaining proper health care habits and taking necessary precautions yet many times it is seen that ticks on dogs are found even with all the precautions and care being taken. These are the ones from which your pup or dog needs to be get relieved.

At Urban Brat products like shampoos, powders, sprays and combs are available for the immediate relief from Ticks On Dogs. Even the products related to cure from fleas is also commendable and worth noticing. All these products are handpicked from best brands and have been trusted by thousands of customers all across the nation. The rates quoted by Urban Brat for anti tick dog shampoos are unbeatable in the market.

Other than cures for fleas and ticks on dogs this online Pet Shop In Mumbai have the widest collection of other dog and pup care products all available under the one roof. Maybe this is the reason Urban Brat is popularly known as one stop solution for all kind of pet accessories and products. Do visit their website for more detailed descriptions of the products.


Urban Brat, an online pet shop situated in Mumbai provides different kind of pet health care and daily use products. The cures available for fleas and ticks on dogs and puppies are at very reasonable rates and are highly effective for immediate relief. The quality provided by Urban Brat is unmatched and the price quotes are unbeatable in the Indian market. In simple words Urban Brat is a paradise for the pets and pet lovers. Do visit




Dog Treats At Urbanbrat

Mumbai, 28 November 2012 – Are you looking for best quality dog treat and supplement at affordable prices then Urban Brat is just the place for you. Situated in city of dreams, Mumbai, Urban Brat is an online pet store with all the dog and puppy care products available under one roof. Especially the treats available for dogs and puppies are an attraction for all the proud owners of dogs or puppies. The Dog Treats available at this online pet shop come in huge choices of variety to suit the choice for your pet. They have got biscuits, veggie delights, meaty feasts, dental care treats, and rawhide and even packaged treats.

All the treats and supplements are of the best quality brands available in the market. Urban treats brings to you the finest selection of the puppy and dog treats so that you get the ultimate satisfaction as far as the value for money is concerned. They being pet lovers too, Urban Brat make sure that your dog gets the best food for a healthier growth of your valued pets. The variation of flavours and choices available at this online pet store makes sure that your puppy or dog does not get bored of same treats all the time.

Other than these treats meant for merry growth of the pets there are supplements available that take care of the physical appearance and health of these innocent and friendly creatures.  These supplements take care of the calcium needs of your beloved dogs and puppies to make him/her more active and fit for daily tasks. Just like we humans do even the puppies and dogs require calcium to keep their bones strong and in healthy condition. The calcium supplement available with Urban Brat is of best quality available in the market.

The other major type of supplement is for the fur of your valued pet. This supplement is for thick, soft and shiny fur of your puppies and dogs. These supplements in tablet form are very easy to put it in the daily doses of your pet.

Other than the treats and supplements, Urban Brat keeps all pet related care products like grooming and bathing products, toys and accessories, and treatments for fleas and Ticks On Dogs and puppies for your convenience. The products available under single roof are even more tempting when there is complement shipment of the products all over the nation. Quality of products has never been an issue with Urban Brat on delivering side. Do visit to now for any kind of puppy care products.


Urban Brat in Mumbai is one of the most well known online pet stores across the region. The store is practically a collection of A- Z solutions for all the needs and requirements of your adorable dogs and puppies. Our food treats and supplements are the most sought after products for proper and healthier growth of the dogs and puppies. Contact Urban Brat to know the difference between the best and the others.


Get affordable and quality products from URBANBRAT

18-11-2012, Mumbai- Welcome to URBANBRAT, which has everything for all your pet needs or can be called as one stop shop. If you need exquisite pet products for care of your pet, we are the best online pet store with all the solutions. We are the largest pet store across the nation to fulfil all your pet needs. We have wide collection of dog products like Dog toys, Dog Shampoo, Charms, collars, leashes and other grooming products.

URBANBRAT is well- established name in the pet market in India and operating its all online transactions from Mumbai. Urbanbrat has been delivering world class services to many esteemed clients all over the country especially in the region of Mumbai and surrounding regions. URBANBRAT’S pet store in Mumbai is the gateway to an exclusive and unique collection of whole range of pet products.


As said earlier we are the one stop solution for all your pet care needs. Our A – Z service includes:

Pet Anti-tick deodorizing – We deliver Anti-tick deodorizing products so that all your pets set aside from any kind of diseases and symptoms arises due to most common creatures i.e., ticks and fleas. Thesecreatures can develop variety of serious issues in pets. They bite and feed animal’s blood and this cause problems like- skin irritation, allergic reactions, anemia and even death of pet can occur. Our treatment sprays for Ticks On Dogsare highly trusted and acceptable by many pet lovers. These are meant for immediate effect and are available as both precautionary and treatment products. Our Anti-tick deodorizing is the best solution to combat from ticks and fleas issues, buy it without any delay and save pet.


Pet Treats- Our pet treats are in huge demand due to its quality and choices that we provide. Our entire pet/ Dog Treats are of highest standards and are relished by the pets. Our wide range of treats includes- meaty treats, biscuits, Peppermint, Rawhide and other supplements.

Pet Accessories- URBANBRAT provides complete range of pet accessories including- different kinds of collars, dog leashes, harness, amazing dog charms, etc. All our products come with guarantee of quality. Our prices for these products are unbeatable in the market. Try it!

Dog Grooming Products- Pet grooming products are an adorable way to make your dog look beautiful and healthy. We have wide range of Dog grooming products; you can purchase any product from our store- Body Splash, Deodorants, Brushes and combs, Hygiene, Bathing Accessories, Oil and dentals. 


Beside above mentioned products, Daily Essentials, Supplements, Training Equipments for your adorable pets available at our Pet Shop In Mumbai.


URBANBRAT is a trusted brand in associate with pet care products. Our rates are very affordable and quality is unmatchable. Our main concern is to bring world class products together so that you can choose the best for your pet. After all best pet demands the best products and services too.

So contact us today by visiting our website to get best pet products at door your steps.



Make your dog healthy and fit by shopping from an Online Pet Store

Are you living in the Mumbai city? Then if you want to buy pet products, you do not need to worry because pet shop in Mumbai- URBANBRAT is having the variety of products. Especially in case of dogs, you can have good products available in the store which you can’t easily get nearby your locality. However, online pet store is an advantageous option as it is saving you time, efforts and patrol to go out for shopping. As well as the prices offer to you by the Online Pet Store are very much reasonable. We must recognize ourselves as a fortunate one as the entire pet related services we can easily avail on the net. And after placing an order we can get products at our door steps within 72 hours without paying extra. Online pet shop is also so beneficial imagine that you are new to the city, and you don’t know the way or address of the pet store in the market. Your all neighbours are busy in working day to day affairs of your business and you don’t want to disturb them at all. In that case you just need an internet connection and order for the pet products online. I am sure this task is so simple than to go to the market without knowing the pet shop destination.

Keeping a pet is not an easy task. You have to take care of your pet just like a family member. Providing good food to taking care of its hygiene is the most important thing you are required to do. In addition, in case if your dog is suffering from any disease then you need to take a great care of it. Especially if it is a skin disease and your dog is infested with fleas and ticks. Then you need to take a great care of your pet as it can also affect your family health. You just need to be quite active. To remove ticks and fleas completely is not a difficult task, if you use correct brand of Anti-tick powder or shampoo. However, the time you trace these ticks into your pets’ body, get it removed as soon as possible because it can produce bacteria into your pet’s body that can have undesirable affect on the body. Ticks On Dogs get dig into the skin and feed on the dog’s blood along with causing irritation and pain.

Therefore, it is important to bathe your dog regularly and keep checking for ticks and other issues.

How to remove ticks?

  1. Don’t forget to wear gloves while removing ticks as it will protect your own skin from these germs.
  2. Do shop for best Anti-tick powder, tick spray or dog shampoo and apply it on pet carefully.
  3. Tweezers are the best option to remove these ticks. It should hold firmly and as the head of the tick comes in the tweezers, just pull it straight away without breaking it. Otherwise, the trunk part of the tick will remain dug inside the pet’s body.


Do take care of your pets as they have equal right to live happily and comfortably. Do shop for your lovable dogs by visiting- because it is for all things DOG!







Bathing Shampoos For The Dogs

Whenever you are going for any dog bathing products online or even in any pet store physically, you will definitely see a number of products and brands for bathing purpose. Apart from the shampoos, there are colognes, conditioners, special shampoos etc. You can also see the shampoos for dandruff and different coat types (short and long). Not only are these products, even a long list of other pet products are available.

Now the question comes into your mind that which of these are suitable for your pet. Well it is not an easy task that what you need to purchase. However, for making your task a bit easy and giving you some tips which you can remember-

For Coats Having A Luxurious Look

Constituents of this/ theseDog Shampoo/s contain fruit extracts or mix fruit extracts which is natural. Moreover, due to which they have a peculiar scent. It will provide a good look and makes your dog feel good too. In addition, these products are mostly very good until your dog is not suffering from any skin disease. So all the brands available either it is online or in local dog stores products may be vary in their quality slightly.

Skin Disease Shampoos

There are a number of problems associated with the skin of the dogs like drying, sensitivity, allergies or irritation. For soothing animal’s skin, oatmeal’s are present in the dog shampoos, which provide a good relief. It acts as a moisturizer.

Shampoos For Medication

Medicated dog shampoos are not available over the counter; you have to consult your vet before buying any medicated shampoo. Therefore, it should not be buying before getting it prescribed. These contain chemicals as an ingredient such as chlorohexidine. They are very much effective but you need to follow the instructions of the vet.

Shampoos For Fleas And Ticks

These products are much differs from others as they contain not only natural products as well as some strong effect chemicals also. In case you are going to buy any natural product based shampoo for your dog, then you should check the label of ingredients of the dog shampoos to make sure that it should not contain any chemical. In case your dog is suffering from any of the harmful disease of the fleas or ticks or can say Ticks On Dogs then you should prefer some harsh chemicals based dog shampoo but your vet should recommend it.

Shampoos For Whitening And Colour Enhancing

There are a number of whiteners present in the market. They can be enzymatic cleaning agents and as a bleaching agent. So read the labels and sites, which are going to suit your dog skin. Whiteners are also act as colour enhancers however they should be recommended by the doctors before buying as it can be harmful for your dog if it’s having any skin problem.

Different kinds of dog shampoos are available at online stores you just make sure that you choose a trustable store because then only you can get trustable products. If you are in dilemma that which online shop we opt for shopping? Without any delay, just rush to log on- and shop whatever you want for your pets because it is an honest seller.


Make your pet happy by shopping best Pet Accessories online

Pet lovers consistently wish that their pets are bizarre with best and absolute pet accessories. By buying certain pet products to groom them well is the best idea so that pet looks good.  Technology has been introduced us with huge solutions of shopping online and reason to smile. Now pet lovers can buy any pet products to admire their pets very easily and at economical rates.

There are numerous kinds of Pet Accessories which accessible online for both ample sized pets and the baby ones. But before having any transaction with an Online Pet Shop it is essential to analysis all the pros and cons of your pet with the advice of able advice adviser. This is important as every pet has its own anatomy and bloom concerns. After consulting to the experts, you should buy pet products.

No doubt Online Pet Shop is having exceptional brands at very actual aggressive prices. When you surf online, you can consistently go from one online shop to another to analyze prices and accessible brands in just a few clicks. Animal lovers all over the world are blessed to get the pets and their accompanying accessories from internet.  Online Pet Store provides lot of pet accompanying articles which are not so easily accessible at very reasonable prices and with abundant of convenience. All they need to spend few hours in their computer and acquisition whatever they charge for their admiring beastly at an adorable amount and in an acceptable address easily. Also pet owners need to be little bit alert in selecting the appropriate online pet boutique from which they are planning to shop. If you are a lover of dogs the online dog boutique would advice you in owning dogs and its products easily.

Pet Supplies Online or Pet products home delivery service through the internet definitely has its one of the biggest advantage, especially for those who owns a couple of pets or more. But even if you have only got one, perhaps, it would still be good to try this quite novel and very convenient service. It could help you save time and money and make sure that your pet’s health and wealth is always taken care of.


So to conclude, the thought of sparing time from shopping is a great only because sometimes your supermarkets may not able to help you for getting right pet products sufficiently. But once to connect yourself with online pet channels the chances are, you will definitely get the treasure of pet products so effortless and without bother that you will start buy stuff from the online world.

Enjoy shop online for your pets with




Have Fun With Your Dogs And Toys

Dog toys and pet accessories are most lucrative thing which every dog owner wants to buy for its loveable dog. Like any other products available to you, dog toys are also very much in demand. There are varieties of Pet Accessoriesavailable in the market. So what should we see before buying any dog accessories? There are numbers of facts that should be considered while buying dog accessories. For example if you are buying any collar for your dog. The most important thing one should keep in mind is the comfort of your dog. If your pet is not comfortable with it, definitely it will lead some serious problems to your dog. Not just, bang on the high cost products that only bring comfort to your pet. Just because it’s costly, it does not mean that it will be comfortable for your dog or it is just made for your dog. It does not matter for your pet that how much that product costs you; the thing which matters is comfort factor. So never make this mistake that high priced means better quality. Better, you should focus on the quality of the product. The first thing you should prefer, your dog accessory and its size. If the size is too big or small for your pet, definitely it will create problems for your pet. Metallic accessories are the best option but it also rusts easily so you have to keep checking it regularly.

Puppies and dogs love to play and if they have toys to play with, they will remain active and happy. There are varieties of Dog Toy, which are loved by the dogs. Generally, if we talk about four kinds of toys mentioned below, they are created to make your dog active and healthy.

  1. Squeaky dog toys- They are stuffed from inside and made up with very hard material having a sneaker in it. These look like our daily products that are shoes, utensils, foods etc. and the list is increasing day by day, as now the toys are also in the form of electronic gadgets.
  2. Latex dog Toys – These are designed to keep your dog busy as they can chew and bite it. It will keep your pet engaged for several hours and also make them satisfied.  By regular chewing pets can also keep their teeth and gums healthy and clean. This can be the best toy used to keep pet hygiene.
  3. Rubber dog Toys- The dogs, which are aggressive in nature, have a strong urge for biting and chewing. They can chew it continuously and keep their teeth healthy. It is just like an exercise of the teeth and you can also play along with it.
  4. Rope dog toys- They are made to play with the ropes. It is a fun game for them and just like the tug of war. They can also  be washed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

In addition, in case you are searching for best pet accessories and toys connect with Pet Shop In Mumbai i.e. URBANBRAT which is famous for serving products for your adorable pets.