Make your dog healthy and fit by shopping from an Online Pet Store

Are you living in the Mumbai city? Then if you want to buy pet products, you do not need to worry because pet shop in Mumbai- URBANBRAT is having the variety of products. Especially in case of dogs, you can have good products available in the store which you can’t easily get nearby your locality. However, online pet store is an advantageous option as it is saving you time, efforts and patrol to go out for shopping. As well as the prices offer to you by the Online Pet Store are very much reasonable. We must recognize ourselves as a fortunate one as the entire pet related services we can easily avail on the net. And after placing an order we can get products at our door steps within 72 hours without paying extra. Online pet shop is also so beneficial imagine that you are new to the city, and you don’t know the way or address of the pet store in the market. Your all neighbours are busy in working day to day affairs of your business and you don’t want to disturb them at all. In that case you just need an internet connection and order for the pet products online. I am sure this task is so simple than to go to the market without knowing the pet shop destination.

Keeping a pet is not an easy task. You have to take care of your pet just like a family member. Providing good food to taking care of its hygiene is the most important thing you are required to do. In addition, in case if your dog is suffering from any disease then you need to take a great care of it. Especially if it is a skin disease and your dog is infested with fleas and ticks. Then you need to take a great care of your pet as it can also affect your family health. You just need to be quite active. To remove ticks and fleas completely is not a difficult task, if you use correct brand of Anti-tick powder or shampoo. However, the time you trace these ticks into your pets’ body, get it removed as soon as possible because it can produce bacteria into your pet’s body that can have undesirable affect on the body. Ticks On Dogs get dig into the skin and feed on the dog’s blood along with causing irritation and pain.

Therefore, it is important to bathe your dog regularly and keep checking for ticks and other issues.

How to remove ticks?

  1. Don’t forget to wear gloves while removing ticks as it will protect your own skin from these germs.
  2. Do shop for best Anti-tick powder, tick spray or dog shampoo and apply it on pet carefully.
  3. Tweezers are the best option to remove these ticks. It should hold firmly and as the head of the tick comes in the tweezers, just pull it straight away without breaking it. Otherwise, the trunk part of the tick will remain dug inside the pet’s body.


Do take care of your pets as they have equal right to live happily and comfortably. Do shop for your lovable dogs by visiting- because it is for all things DOG!








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