Cure for Ticks and Fleas on dogs at Urban Brat

Mumbai, 27 NOVEMBER 2012 – Good news for dog and puppy lovers all across India, especially in and around the areas of city of dreams, Mumbai. Urban Brat, an online pet store in Mumbai has got all the pet care solutions under one roof and that too at the ease of online access. You can view all the products related to dog treats, dog grooming and bathing products like dog shampoo, pet accessories and dog toys etc on

The quality of the products available at Urban Brat is just the best and these products come from the best brands and meet the highest level of satisfaction for both pets and the pet lovers. This is the reason why they have grown to such popularity in such a little span of time. Moreover the products at Urban Brat though of highest quality standards are available at most affordable costs that would not burn a hole into your pockets. Urban Brat maintains a well managed online cart where you can add the products to your cart, get discounts using special coupon codes, and can even track your order.

The cures and treatments available for fleas and ticks on dog are really effective in curing the puppies and dogs. The ticks and fleas on dogs are the cause of biggest irritation for dogs and puppies. Whereas some ticks and fleas can be avoided by maintaining proper health care habits and taking necessary precautions yet many times it is seen that ticks on dogs are found even with all the precautions and care being taken. These are the ones from which your pup or dog needs to be get relieved.

At Urban Brat products like shampoos, powders, sprays and combs are available for the immediate relief from Ticks On Dogs. Even the products related to cure from fleas is also commendable and worth noticing. All these products are handpicked from best brands and have been trusted by thousands of customers all across the nation. The rates quoted by Urban Brat for anti tick dog shampoos are unbeatable in the market.

Other than cures for fleas and ticks on dogs this online Pet Shop In Mumbai have the widest collection of other dog and pup care products all available under the one roof. Maybe this is the reason Urban Brat is popularly known as one stop solution for all kind of pet accessories and products. Do visit their website for more detailed descriptions of the products.


Urban Brat, an online pet shop situated in Mumbai provides different kind of pet health care and daily use products. The cures available for fleas and ticks on dogs and puppies are at very reasonable rates and are highly effective for immediate relief. The quality provided by Urban Brat is unmatched and the price quotes are unbeatable in the Indian market. In simple words Urban Brat is a paradise for the pets and pet lovers. Do visit




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