Urban Brat’s Product of the month- Tick Spray

18-October-2012, Mumbai- No doubts at all that dogs are the man’s best friend because of their faithful, loving and playful nature. Also medical science proved that dog ownership can lower down stress levels in pets, blood pressure and also overcome with the feelings of isolation. Pet owners face many problems regarding their pets´ well being due to less products for pets in the market. It is very important to care for our pets and focus on every single aspect so that any serious issues do not arise later. Besides grooming of pets, one of the major problem pet owner faces are that of fleas and ticks. No pet in this world is safe from these creatures if we do take proper care.  Pets often bring other parasitic creatures too. Having fleas and ticks in pets can lead to suffering from intense irritable itching from bites and this leads to severe allergies and infections. Not only pets, we and our family can also suffer with some serious diseases. So the best way to control fleas and ticks is we should use tick related products regularly to avoid serious problems. One of these products is Tick spray.

Thanks to http://www.urbanbrat.comthat it is having a simple solution for your pet and that is online Tick Sprays which keeps ticks and fleas away.  With amazing speed of internet development, dog tick problems can be solved as Urban Brat is a well established online pet shop which has abundant offers for pet parents on almost all types of pet products. If your pet is infected from fleas and ticks, you don’t have to do much except for having a good internet connection. Visit http://www.urbanbrat.com, order for Tick Spray and it will be delivered at your door steps within 72 hours anywhere in India.


Besides dog tick spray, the wide array of products at Urban Brat are offered every day. It is important to emphasize that our team consists of professionals and specialists that are at your disposal every day. Urban Brat offers affordable prices for pet products online like Pet Accessories, pet grooming products, Pet Supplies Online, Dog Toyand weoperate 24/7, 365 days a year. Urban Brat offers you a wide, abundant variety of online pet products your dog needs every day. Urban Brat team’s overall motto is to make your pet happy by delivering exciting products.


We at Urban Brat believe in style, but we also believe that every single living being is in need of love and care, and we try to spread the word and spread love as much as we are able to.



E: sales@urbanbrat.com |W: http://www.urbanbrat.com



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