˝Urban Brat˝ Pays True Attention to Your Pet Well Being

16 October 2012, Mumbai- Even in the 21st century there are many problems the pet owners face often. It is lack of necessary pet supplies every owner needs for his/hers pet wellbeing and satisfaction. Pet owners cannot simply enter some pet shop and buy what they need, as even nowadays regular pet shops that function as small retailer shops offer only some basic pet supplies, are not attentive to every dog needs, and it is difficult to compare prices among hundereds of dog supplies.

Another misfortune and drawback is that regular shops are scattered and not located closely in one town. Pet owners usually have to travel long distances from one to the other pet shop to buy the things they are going to need for their pets. Thanks to the perks of internet, pet owners are nowadays able to enjoy shopping for their dogs in the whole sale web pet shops, which offer almost everything one pet owner can dream to have for their dogs.  This makes them and their dog happy and satisfied. http://www.urbanbrat.com is the best and largest online pet shop which delivers all things for pets right from dog treats, Dog Grooming Products, dog accessories and dog toys at cheap and affordable prices. We put the greatest efforts to truly stand out and be prominent in order to be able to truly help every single pet owner and all kinds of dog breeds.

˝Urban Brat˝ is an online pet shop that works as whole sale shop.
We have everything which you need for your dog like hard dog toys for big breeds and plush dog toys for small breeds. Online dog shampoo, online tick spray and grooming tools are readily available in lots of variety.  Along with these basic dog needs, there are also dog collars and leash, dog dining bowls and water bottle as well as many dog accessories. We have everything in stock that a dog needs and as we are online you do not worry to spend hours searching for the product here and there in the market. So the best option is just visit our website and purchase desired products for your pet at competitive prices.

What we at ˝Urban Brat˝ take enormous pride as we are the honest seller and we empathize on the product quality of pet care deliverables so that you can take better care of your dog. We also take proper actions to educate pet parents about the importance of quality products of animals and advice what they should buy to make their pet beautiful and healthy through our online chat on the website. We offer free shipping and loyalty points to our customers. Our motto to serve you reliable products as we understand that every single being needs and deserves love, and therefore should be given the opportunity to be loved and return that love somehow.  


E: sales@urbanbrat.com |W: http://www.urbanbrat.com



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