Urban Brat’s Product of the month- Tick Spray

18-October-2012, Mumbai- No doubts at all that dogs are the man’s best friend because of their faithful, loving and playful nature. Also medical science proved that dog ownership can lower down stress levels in pets, blood pressure and also overcome with the feelings of isolation. Pet owners face many problems regarding their pets´ well being due to less products for pets in the market. It is very important to care for our pets and focus on every single aspect so that any serious issues do not arise later. Besides grooming of pets, one of the major problem pet owner faces are that of fleas and ticks. No pet in this world is safe from these creatures if we do take proper care.  Pets often bring other parasitic creatures too. Having fleas and ticks in pets can lead to suffering from intense irritable itching from bites and this leads to severe allergies and infections. Not only pets, we and our family can also suffer with some serious diseases. So the best way to control fleas and ticks is we should use tick related products regularly to avoid serious problems. One of these products is Tick spray.

Thanks to http://www.urbanbrat.comthat it is having a simple solution for your pet and that is online Tick Sprays which keeps ticks and fleas away.  With amazing speed of internet development, dog tick problems can be solved as Urban Brat is a well established online pet shop which has abundant offers for pet parents on almost all types of pet products. If your pet is infected from fleas and ticks, you don’t have to do much except for having a good internet connection. Visit http://www.urbanbrat.com, order for Tick Spray and it will be delivered at your door steps within 72 hours anywhere in India.


Besides dog tick spray, the wide array of products at Urban Brat are offered every day. It is important to emphasize that our team consists of professionals and specialists that are at your disposal every day. Urban Brat offers affordable prices for pet products online like Pet Accessories, pet grooming products, Pet Supplies Online, Dog Toyand weoperate 24/7, 365 days a year. Urban Brat offers you a wide, abundant variety of online pet products your dog needs every day. Urban Brat team’s overall motto is to make your pet happy by delivering exciting products.


We at Urban Brat believe in style, but we also believe that every single living being is in need of love and care, and we try to spread the word and spread love as much as we are able to.



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˝Urban Brat˝ Pays True Attention to Your Pet Well Being

16 October 2012, Mumbai- Even in the 21st century there are many problems the pet owners face often. It is lack of necessary pet supplies every owner needs for his/hers pet wellbeing and satisfaction. Pet owners cannot simply enter some pet shop and buy what they need, as even nowadays regular pet shops that function as small retailer shops offer only some basic pet supplies, are not attentive to every dog needs, and it is difficult to compare prices among hundereds of dog supplies.

Another misfortune and drawback is that regular shops are scattered and not located closely in one town. Pet owners usually have to travel long distances from one to the other pet shop to buy the things they are going to need for their pets. Thanks to the perks of internet, pet owners are nowadays able to enjoy shopping for their dogs in the whole sale web pet shops, which offer almost everything one pet owner can dream to have for their dogs.  This makes them and their dog happy and satisfied. http://www.urbanbrat.com is the best and largest online pet shop which delivers all things for pets right from dog treats, Dog Grooming Products, dog accessories and dog toys at cheap and affordable prices. We put the greatest efforts to truly stand out and be prominent in order to be able to truly help every single pet owner and all kinds of dog breeds.

˝Urban Brat˝ is an online pet shop that works as whole sale shop.
We have everything which you need for your dog like hard dog toys for big breeds and plush dog toys for small breeds. Online dog shampoo, online tick spray and grooming tools are readily available in lots of variety.  Along with these basic dog needs, there are also dog collars and leash, dog dining bowls and water bottle as well as many dog accessories. We have everything in stock that a dog needs and as we are online you do not worry to spend hours searching for the product here and there in the market. So the best option is just visit our website and purchase desired products for your pet at competitive prices.

What we at ˝Urban Brat˝ take enormous pride as we are the honest seller and we empathize on the product quality of pet care deliverables so that you can take better care of your dog. We also take proper actions to educate pet parents about the importance of quality products of animals and advice what they should buy to make their pet beautiful and healthy through our online chat on the website. We offer free shipping and loyalty points to our customers. Our motto to serve you reliable products as we understand that every single being needs and deserves love, and therefore should be given the opportunity to be loved and return that love somehow.  


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You Can Find the Best Dog Treats for Your Dog Online

We live in the 21st century which means that we should forget about shopping in ordinary street type shops, for what we need. It is era of computers, internet and era of abundant possibilities of finding whatever you need at any time you need, online.

Namely, this is not said because somebody wants to get rid of the ordinary line of shops in favor of those online ones.
This is said simply because it seems that the owners of regular shops do not make much effort into enriching the offer of goods and merchandise their shops offer, nor they put any effort into expanding the assortment of goods.
And that is why online web shops already developed the advantage over regular shops nowadays.
While online shops already offer a wide variety of literally everything a human being needs, from necessities all the way to luxurious things, while they operate like whole sale shops, and offer sales, discounts and free delivery and shipping services across the country, ordinary shops still offer only few things, at a fixed price, and it seems they are not thinking about bringing the whole shopping satisfaction to their customers. And you all will agree that that is the whole purpose of a shopping store.

Now that we came to the conclusion where to ultimately turn to for anything you need, let us see what your furry best friend may be in need of and where you can find it. With only a move of your wrist and few clicks you find yourself into the most amazing domain of internet networks and internet space. Where you will find everything even your most vivacious imagination may think of.

And with those few clicks you are just few steps away from the abundant space of web pet online stores where you can find the best dog treats for your beloved pet. Along with treats for your dog, you can find dog toy, Pet Accessories and dog grooming products too at any time and at good price. Special dog needs are also taken care of and where you can buy dog treats and everything else at the most affordable prices.

But when you are intent on buying things for your dog, pay special attention to dog treats. They are not just for entertainment. Your furry best friend deserves the best nutrition and benefits of dog treats. Dog Treats actually have special purpose and that is why it is recommended to give them to your dog often. Dog treats help your dogs strengthen their teeth, gums and jaw muscles. They act as a sort of positive reinforcement while training dogs too.

Make sure you give treats according to the size of your dog. If you have a small dog or a puppy, give them treats in lesser quantity. Pay attention if your dog already has sensitive teeth, as it may then prefer soft type of treats, and most importantly if your dog is sensitive and prone to allergies, you are bound to give him hypoallergenic treats. The most advisable treats to give your dog for dental health and exercise are crunchy dog treats. But including meaty or sweet treats are not inadvisable as they also help your dog’s health in many ways.

Dog treats are not only for training purpose. They are good to chew and act as a healthy after meal addition. They also strengthen the bond between your dog and you. You should see online pet shop for yummy dog treats.  

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Keep your dog happy and healthy with dog toy

Forget about walking from pet shop to pet shop, roaming the streets usually in vain even in the 21st century, to find what you need for your dog, from dog treats to toys for your dearest pet. Even today you won´t be able to find everything you need in regular shops, and even if you manage putting a lot of effort into visiting all the shops you know in your town, just imagine all the commotion of dragging all those things all the way back to your home, just to see a happy face of your dog and see him satisfied and healthy. Instead, it is much simpler and even much more satisfying task to sit down in your chair, turn your computer on and log into internet sphere. Online pet store, gives you free shipping to your door step, giving you lots of discounts and offers.

Now what do you think about turning to the internet world as the world full of solutions for your furry friend?

But not only Dog treats or dog grooming product make your furry friend happy; it is the dog toys that they love. You must not forget dog toys for your dog at any cost.

Either these are agility toys, simple plushy toys, squeaky toys, tugs, then treat dispensing toys, ropes, tires, tennis dumbbells, dental ropes, interactive toys and any other Pet Supplies Online for your dog such as squeak or intelligent type of toys, air spinners, flying discs, bowling balls and pins, you can treat your dog to anything you want.
Dog toys actually affect your dog’s health in my positive ways. First of all they may help with dental issues, strengthening your dog´s teeth, jaw muscles and gums, and then they have the role of keeping your dog´s brain stimulated. The psychological effect of dog toys is to help with discouraging any type of problem behavior your dog might have.

Therefore, now that you are acquainted with what can a toy do to your dear pet, don´t forget to enrich your dog´s life with some of these fun and healthy stuff it needs. It will take some time to find the toy your dog will enjoy the most, but you will eventually find it. Special dog toys like dental health, chew toys etc. help your dog to maintain good teeth. Chewing on a toy can help get rid of plague or tartar.

Toys are also great for keeping your dog busy and entertained for hours together. Dog Toy help stay a dog away from chewing on furniture or destroying other things in the house. The squeaky sound of a squeaky dog toy is a great entertainment for your dog. Playing tug or throwing a flying disc increases bonding between you and your dog. It is very important to give time to your dog and what better option than playing with him with awesome dog toys available in online pet shop in India.  

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Bathing Experience to Make Your Dog a Happy Dog

Like humans, everyone deserves to be happy and satisfied in life. Pets are a member of the family and they should be treated with equal responsibility and care.

It is said that dogs are man’s best friends owing to the unconditional love they scatter. We too should return the love and be their best friend. There are many things apart from unconditional love that can make your dog happy and hygienic. You must have a stock of all these things in your house. Starting with dog food, dog treats, dog toys, dog accessories and even dog grooming products. It is essential that you have the right shampoo with you.  

With invent of online pet shop, it is convenient to buy pet products at home. No more carrying heavy bags or stepping out in scorching heat. The online pet shops have a huge variety of products which can be compared online.
Namely, your computer and your internet connection are all you need today to do pet shopping and to make both your dog and you thoroughly happy and satisfied.
The online pet shops offer you nowadays everything you might need for your pets, from food all the way to pet accessories, at truly affordable prices as they all function as huge whole sale pet shops.

Online pet shops not only offer huge discounts and a lot of products, they even take care of delivery and shipping services straight to your door step. Believe it or not, it is absolutely free of cost.
You can avail quick purchase, be satisfied with it, and pay far lesser amount of money, making it a pocket friendly experience. You will receive these products in your house as quickly as possible and at no cost at all.

Grooming your dog is a healthy and a hygienic habit to follow. It eliminates the risk of future skin related problems and will ensure that your dog always has a beautiful well maintained coat. This is possible only if you regularly brush your dog’s hair to untangle and maintain the fur. It also increases the bond between you and your pet. Though it is easy to comb your dog’s hair it can be a little tricky when it comes to bathing your dog. 

While bathing a dog, many thing must be kept in mind. Firstly, you cannot use just any type of shampoo or soap on your dog. Dog shampoos are not invented in vain. Human shampoos cannot be used on dogs because they have certain chemicals like sulfates which can ruin your dog’s coat and skin, causing allergies. Therefore buy Dog Shampoo that is meant to be good for your dog. Dog shampoos come in various types and varieties. There are dog shampoos specially made for short haired dogs and long haired dogs too. You can find excellent and affordable dog shampoos on this online pet shop.

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Bond with your pet with the right dog grooming tools

Having a pet is an act of love, but nevertheless the love you have does not make taking care of him an easy task. For many reasons once you have your pet, you have to make sure it is truly taken care of in every way possible.

Now, the dog lovers, and those people who have dogs as pets deal with one problem. And it is the grooming of dogs. It is not an easy task, not only because you cannot tell your dog to stay or lay still while you are finishing the task, but also because you yourself have to pay special attention to its fur, you have to chose right products, right tools for grooming. You cannot pick up just anything you come across. Another problem consists of the fact that pet shops do not always have dog grooming products you may need to be able to groom your dog properly. Luckily, this now has a solution owing to the sprouting of online web pet shops that are whole sale shops that got simply everything you might wish for.

Now, you need to know, depending on your dog breed, how to groom it properly, which products to use, and you may find all of the necessary information from the professional dog groomers. They are always ready and cooperative in giving the necessary information to their fellow dog lovers.

As your hair cutting process needs many things, from grooming brushes and combs that you or hairdresser needs to perform the action, to shampoo and towels to wash and dry your hair, your dog may also require all those things. But trust us, human hair is not that complex as dog fur is proved to be.



Let us see what kind of advice we can give you this time on buying pet supplies online you are going to need to groom your dog properly.

As already mentioned, turn to the wholesale online pet store, as they are the only ones that can supply you with everything that you need, not to mention discounts and sales they offer every day and free shipping/delivery services to your place.

You must learn to groom your dog properly on a daily basis. For example, if you have a large dog but with short hair, you might be in need of short hair tools, which will help you to shed the redundant hair from your best pal´s fur.  Quite on the contrary, if your biggie has long hair, you might be in need of long hair tool. As you see, there are things you have to pay close attention to during shopping for what you need.

Again depending on the size of your dog but also the quality and type of its fur, there are small firm slickers and large soft slickers for untangling the fur.  Dog clippers and scissors are must have tools for you if you have a dog. The common dog brush that every dog owner must use is bristling and pin brush. Also, since shedding is a major problem, Furminator de shedding brush for dogs must be used as it eliminates 90% of shedding and keeps your house fur free.  

Another thing that you should have handy is the dog conditioner as well as spray, from antibacterial ones via deodorizing ones all the way to flea and high maintenance sprays.  Your dog will also do good without long nails, therefore don´t forget dog nail clippers.  And there are yet many other products a house with a dog needs to have; we only mentioned a few of them.

Our best advice is to search for those pet supplies online as web pet stores are the best solution.

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Online Pet Stores World Make Your Pet a Happy Pet

It has always been some sort of difficulty to make your purchases of the things you need in a regular store. And especially when it comes to pet stores and the things you need to buy for your pet. It has always been the fact that they either lack supplies you need for your pet, or they do not do regular discounts so you spend a lot of money because the owners try to hold the monopoly over that part of town where the store is.  And not to mention that regular pet stores are scattered infrequently across every living place in the world. So if you cannot find some of the pet supplies you are in need of at one place, you have to take a long route to go to another shop. Waste of time and energy, isn´t it?

Well thanks to the internet the problem is no more.  Online pet shop are not only abundant on the pet supplies offerings, but they also have regular discounts, sales, and they all also offer a completely free delivery of the merchandise you bought and in no time at all. What a lovely life. And all you need is only to sit down in your chair, turn on your computer, long into magical internet world and you are only few clicks away from the purchase of your dreams that will make your pets happy and satisfied completely. Therefore, why waiting.

People usually say that they have problems with the very dog grooming supplies and dog grooming in overall. So, let us share few words about that. No wonder people sometimes have problems with grooming their dogs. Namely, dog hair is what causes the problem as every dog race has peculiar coat, and nowadays the dog grooming products are made specially to suit the need of any race and their hair.

When we talk about dog grooming products, one might be in need of wide array of these products, such as: hair clippers and trimmers , and you cannot go and buy just any, as you have to pay attention if those clippers and trimmers have the heat reduction components, can your hand being in complete control over them in order to avoid hurting your pet, what speed levels do they have and will the levels suit the hair thickness of your dog which also makes you take care about the clipper blades and their form and material used for making them; another thing on the list are brushes which may be made of wood and brass which will keep your dog in place while you try to finish all the grooming job on your own; make sure that you purchased quality stainless steel sheers for your grooming needs as well if you want your dog happy and healthy; you might also be in need of good stripping knife, so make sure it is next on your list of supplies.

I think we mentioned some of the most important dog grooming products a dog owner is usually in need of. And all of them you can find at any time and any price at any online pet store across the internet.

So if you are planning to shop online for your pets or want to purchase the pets, log on to http://www.urbanbrat.com. Consider it!